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In-Home Care Franchise Training Information

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Sunny Days In-Home Care is dedicated to helping and supporting people — it’s the foundation of our business. This commitment carries through to our in-home care franchise owners, as well. That’s why we offer a robust training program that helps franchisees get started and keeps them growing.

This exclusive training is offered by the Sunny Days executive team and members of our corporate team who possess the specialized knowledge that franchisees need.

  • Pre-opening operations training
  • Franchise training materials
  • Business operations software
  • Operations manual
  • Post-opening training

Pre-Opening Operations Training

You and your key managerial staff will attend a one-week training course taught by our team of experts at our home office in McMurray, Pennsylvania. There you will learn key aspects of launching and operating your business. If necessary, we may even tailor our training to meet the particular needs of each in-home care franchise owner. Training may also include online conference calls and web-based learning tools.

We will guide you through the setup of your business, providing you lists of approved suppliers for your equipment and supplies. In addition, we will assist you in implementing your initial local advertising campaign to create awareness of your new in-home care business.

Pre-opening training for your in-home care franchise consists of several sections:

‌• Basics of the In-Home Care Business: All about the in-home care industry; what in-home care entails, and what Sunny Days’ role is in providing care

‌• Personal Care Training: Details about providing services through an in-home care franchise; types of services and what in-home care does and does not include

‌• How to Plan for Your Business Growth: Structuring your in-home care franchise; strategies for sales and marketing; building revenue streams; and differentiating your in-home care franchise from the competition

‌• In-Home Care Staff Management: Locating and hiring qualified caregivers; ongoing training, managing for motivation

‌• Technical, Financial and Regulatory: Coordinating with state governments; accounts receivable and financial management; the Sunny Days In-Home Care operating system

In-home care franchise training materials

To prepare you to efficiently operate a senior in-home care franchise, Sunny Days will provide you with training on several tools that can streamline your operations, including software systems that greatly simplify your business tasks.

Business operations software

You’ll learn about our system-wide technology tools, including accounting, business management and care-scheduling software, and our ClearCare patient portal, a shared platform that facilitates communication between franchise owners, caregivers, patients and family members.

Operations manual

We will provide you with a comprehensive and confidential Sunny Days In-Home Care Operations Manual that covers all the details of running your business. You’ll find detailed job descriptions for staff, comprehensive administrative and client service procedures, personnel policies, and caregiver recruitment and care-scheduling techniques.

Post-opening training for your in-home care franchise

Once franchisees have their in-home care franchise up and running, they will receive two days of additional on-site assistance from an Opening Supervisor of the Sunny Days franchise support team. This person will also assist with initial client consultations.

Sunny Days provides franchise owners with periodic refresher training programs, along with seminars and advanced management training sessions. We seek to provide our franchise owners with opportunities for continual business and personal improvement. This ensures our franchisees provide the best possible care through their in-home care franchise, along with realizing all of the business benefits of owning a senior care franchise.